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an update

I’m currently working on a project that combines a few passions for me; writing, current affairs, politics & marketing. I don’t want to say too much as I don’t want to give anything away until I publish it.

But I’ve noticed something while working on this; I’ve missed studying. Being able to research, write and compile this project has been really enjoyable for me and even if no one reads it I’m still so glad I decided to do it.

Nothing much has happened since I last posted and I don’t want to bore you with the day-to-day stuff. So until I have something new & substantial to say I’ll leave you with this video of Kevin:


Update on ‘an Update’

The aforementioned ‘project’ has now been published on my Marketing page. This piece was originally intended to be quite satirical but after researching the topic more the situation became less and less funny.

My piece Marketing the Trump run for Presidency is a marketing plan written as though it was created this time last year before Trump became the Republican nominee; any thoughts or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Marketing the Trump run for Presidency: A thought on ‘Make America Great Again‘.

a personal update

So far I have updated this page with my job history for the past two years but I haven’t shared anything about my life around work.

I’m going to start with the more upsetting news. My best friend passed away. My dear dog Izzy had developed a lump on her leg and having taken her to the vet we found she had cancer. We were told she would need her leg amputating as the tumour had eroded too much of the bone. Izzy also had secondary tumours in her lungs meaning she’d need regular chemotherapy. Sitting down as a family to discuss what was best for Izzy we knew the choice we had to make. She was always fearful of the vets and being a heavy boisterous dog her quality of life would deteriorate exponentially. We brought her home, fed her all the things a dog shouldn’t eat and treated her like a queen (not that we didn’t already). We arranged for the vet to come to our home on the Friday morning and it was the worst week of my life.


I told myself Izzy would leave this world the way she came into mine. On the Friday morning I got Izzy settled on my lap (all 7 and a bit stone of her) and we waited for the vet to arrive. I scratched behind her ears, told her how much I loved her and held her as the vet administered the barbiturate. Seconds later Izzy had left this life and with it my heart was broken.

The family home just never felt the same after that day. Getting up every morning expecting her to be there, coming home from work and calling her name, I just couldn’t be there. A lot of other things were happening at this time and this was the catalyst for change. I eventually moved out. It isn’t what I had planned, I was hoping to stay in the family home for as long as I could so that I could save a decent amount of money to get myself standing truly on my own two feet. This is still yet to happen.

Having gotten myself settled in my new apartment I organised a trip with my boyfriend. We had decided to drive to the Nürburgring in my car, a 2.4 turbo diesel Brera. On the way we stopped in Ghent and Antwerp. From there we arrived at the Nürburgring and we celebrated my 22nd birthday. After spending two nights in drivers heaven we travelled to Arnhem and visited the War Museum, the Arnhem Oosterbeek War Cemetery and the Burgers Zoo (http://www.burgerszoo.com). From Arnhem we traveled to Rotterdam and then onto Bruges.

Europe drive

Soon after getting back from our trip Ben moved in with me. After spending our first Christmas together, surviving our first trip together (which included over 23 hours of being in a confined space) and his support after the loss of Izzy we decided to get a cat together. In the February of 2015 Ben and I brought home our gorgeous little kitten, Kevin.


We hadn’t been living in Sandbach for long when Ben got a new job in Peterborough. He lived down there during the week at first only coming home of a weekend. This situation was not sustainable. I took the plunge, found a job in the same area and we moved into our new home in Ringstead the week before my 23rd birthday. Our house was beautiful, it was peaceful but with Ben working nights I inevitably became lonely. After 5 months we had concluded we weren’t going to settle in the East Midlands. After lengthy discussions we compromised on moving to Cardiff.

We moved in the March of this year and having settled down, turning our little apartment into a home, I felt myself returning to normal. I am no longer spending days at a time feeling numb not knowing what I need and I found myself thinking about what I was doing with my life; I had spent 2 years carving out a career in IT/Telecoms that my heart wasn’t in and I started to re-discover my passions. For a short time I thought about going back to University to complete my degree, however my desire to establish my career and to own my first home before I’m 30 has put that on hold. So here I am trying to figure out how to get myself on the right track.

Wish me luck.