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changing the World

I’m going to have another sentimental moment here. This weeks Discover Challenge is to consider your ideal version of a thing or experience.

But really other than being able to experience Jurassic Park for the first time all over again there is only one thing I can imagine I would want to change to an ideal version but it wouldn’t just be for me. I’m talking about the world we live in.

This week the racist fascist moron who brought us Brexit, Nigel Farage, has been on stage with Donald Trump at his latest rally. He spoke of the decent people he rallied to vote for Brexit and told the 15,000 Trump supporters that if they ‘get their walking boots on and fight for change’ they’ll be able to stand up to the establishment that is the United States Government.

Let’s just take a step back a moment. Nigel Farage took images and tactics straight from the Joseph Goebbels’ Play Book of Propaganda while he was campaigning for Brexit. While I know of many decent people who voted for Brexit; I also know that it wasn’t the influence of this man, which made them to go to polls on June 23rd to vote to leave the European Union.

Back to the challenge at hand, I believe in order to change the world we need to change ourselves and for me that starts with our beliefs about our place in this world; we are not superior beings and the other creatures of this world are not here for us to abuse. For some individuals this belief of being superior also extends to other human beings, those of other religions, race or creed. To change the world we need a universal acceptance that we are just one race not many; the animals of this world have lives that are just important to them as ours are to us.

For me education really is the key but I fear some are just too far down the wrong path to change.

Everywhere you look there is discrimination, racism and hate. Just look at the news stories of Caster Semenya; rather than the world congratulating her win, we are squabbling over her gender; commenting on her looks rather than her achievement. I read an article on this; after the race one British runner cried during her interview over the disadvantage she was at competing against Caster, yet nothing was mentioned of the disadvantage Caster was up against: money. Britain spent £275 million on preparations for Rio, yet South Africa only spent £1.9m; Caster has not mentioned this disadvantage once, neither have the other competitors who have come from systematically disadvantaged countries, nor in fact have the refugees who competed at this years Olympics.

Our sense of superiority is lethal to our sense of humanity and until this is changed the world can’t change. Not really.