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have your Cake and eat it too?

This proverb literally means you cannot keep your cake and eat it too; it really is one or the other.

I’ve realised recently that this is what I have been trying to do. While I was still living at home I was never the tidiest person, I always thought to myself that when I moved out I’d miraculously change and I’d become a domestic goddess; that my life would suddenly become like something out of a disney film and nearby animals would flock to my assistance and I would whistle while I worked.

That’s not what happened.

I moved out over two years ago and I’m still as messy. Now I just want to clarify I’m not unclean my home isn’t worthy of a hazmat suit & quarantine, but I am an unwitting fan of a floordrobe, my kitchen table becomes a dumping ground for my make-up, my handbag and other bits and I may have a few empty shampoo bottles in the bathroom just because.

At home it was always my mum who curbed my untidy habits. But now I’ve moved out and in with my boyfriend it’s him who clears away after me. I’ve noticed I moan at him a lot for not necessarily being forthcoming with saying how he feels but I’ve only recently realised that he shows his love in a different way. He shows me how he feels by doing my washing, by cleaning up after me in the kitchen and just generally looking after me.

I’ve somehow managed to have my cake and keep it too, but I think enough is enough.

my career so far

Fast forward 2 years, 4 moves and 4 jobs later here I am in 2016, almost 24 years of age and I haven’t yet found myself in a career I love. But let’s rewind a moment and provide some cliff notes.


Shortly after going dark on the original version of this blog I started my first job. I was a Service Desk Representative with Level 3 Communications. For some unknown reason they took a chance on me and I am very thankful that I did. While I may have some mixed emotions about my 18 months with them, I wouldn’t have the experience and knowledge I have today without their help. I had two roles during my time with Level 3; I initially worked in their Updates Team and then as my knowledge of telecoms grew I moved into Incident Management. During my time in both teams, I helped train new starters, I learned what I was capable of and most of all I met some very different and wonderful people.

Then came Daisy World Wide, where I was hired as a Provisioning Specialist; specialist I was not. Having been in the role for a month or so, a member of my already surprisingly small team departed and I was tasked with picking up their role. No longer was I in my comfort zone of ADSL & copper lines, I was provisioning mobile orders with a 24 hour turn around. Unfortunately, a 24 hour turn around was unachievable for me. Not due to lack of trying but lack of support; if my manager wasn’t flossing his teeth at his desk he was absent. Eventually the rumour train brought wind of impending redundancies and I jumped shipped.

I landed in the arms of Kelway; I was now an IT First Line Support Analyst. On a 3 month fixed term contract I got to learn how to use and manage Citrix, how to create and amend Active Directory accounts and many more IT related functions. My time here was short lived and relatively uneventful: though I did notice how service desks truly function. When it comes to team leader and managerial positions it truly is more a case of who you know rather than what you know and this could lead to some very immature and frankly surprising behaviour.

As my FTC came to end I had concluded that Peterborough was not for me. The packing boxes came out and we moved to Cardiff.

I’m still working in IT Support, still performing a similar function as I did at Kelway however, on a much smaller scale. Having finally managed to settle down and get my thoughts in order I have realised that a career in IT is probably not one for me.