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21 steps

I have completed my first 21 steps (and a few extra); no I haven’t only just learnt to walk, my JSA agreement consists of me completing (at least) 21 ‘steps’ towards getting a job each week. Relatively simply work for £56.80; except my claim still hasn’t been approved.

I have applied for a lot of jobs; sales roles, marketing assistant roles, a store assistant role at Next, a customer service role, I even had a phone interview with LSG, unfortunately I didn’t make the cut. At least during that interview I wasn’t inundated with daft questions about having a horse.

I have also organised some work experience in a Marketing team. Unfortunately, while this week has consisted of me sending out a lot of applications it has been rather uneventful otherwise. So I shall leave you all with this; I arrived at the Job Centre 10 minutes before my appointment & took a seat. A dripping wet, tracksuit clad man came in and I overheard the receptionist tell him he was 40 minutes late for his appointment but he was still seen before me. I noticed a few other choice things, I was the only person (bar the staff) not wearing a tracksuit and the only person sat reading a book while waiting.

I was eventually seen by a very pleasant man named Eddie. He was very impressed that I had completed my 21 steps and more and didn’t really have any advice to give me other than recommend a company where I could get an apprenticeship. He told me I was lovely and that he can’t imagine me struggling to get a job. Yet I have a feeling that for the kind of job I am looking for I may need a Rachel Green / Tag Jones scenario to help me on my way. However, in this instance I am a less experienced Tag Jones.

(Friends: the one with Rachel’s assistant please see the clip below:)