Marketing the Trump run for Presidency

A Thought on ‘Make America  White Great Again’

I decided a few weeks ago I want to write a piece that would combine my passion for writing, politics and my desire to get into marketing.

First off, let me get one thing clear I do not support Donald Trump nor anything he is standing for in this presidential election.

The aim of this project is to understand how Donald Trump has managed to become so popular with the American electorate. Currently I and many others are in amazement that Donald Trump is the Republican nominee.In fact a lot of people find this phenomenon laughable but the time to laugh about this has long passed. The election is scheduled for Tuesday the 8th of November and so far Trump’s marketing campaign has worked; current polls are showing Clinton is losing her lead.

This piece will be made up of the following:

I hope you find it as interesting to read to as I did to research and compile.

Please feel free to leave any thoughts, suggestions or comments; I’m always looking to learn!

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