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Serbia: At the Crossroads of Europe’s Refugee Crisis

Such a well written and moving piece. The refugee crisis is still a very real issue the media has now forgotten about; no longer front page news or a burning topic. Yet people are still being forced from their homes to try and carve out a life somewhere else, but that somewhere is unknown and the journey to get their hazardous. A parent does not board an unseaworthy over crowded vessel in the hopes of a better job, they board it because staying in their own country is accepting certain death. A child should not grow up in a worn torn city, fearing for their own and their families lives.

Countries need to start realising the humanitarian obligations to refugees who have not chosen to leave but have been forced to leave. It’s time we helped.

During WW2 Anne Frank’s father wrote to the Cuban, US & British embassies seeking asylum and we know how that turned out. For once lets try to be on the right side of history and help people while we still can.


Refugee Family in Belgrade Tent City

The refugee crisis in Europe has dominated international news for weeks, and with good reason. Britain’s Guardian newspaper is calling it the worst refugee crisis since WWII.

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a Thought

I wrote the below in June while sat down watching 12 Years a Slave and reflecting on the instances of police brutality that have been filling the news and my Facebook feed.I’m still not sure about sharing this publicly but maybe these things need to be said?

I am always saddened by the apparent and excessive cruelty of our being. To know that by our collective hand there has been such harm caused and I am at a loss to reconcile it with myself that we could ever be better.

What cruelty will we bestow upon this world, on our fellow men for decades, centuries or millenniums to come? By nature we put other beings beneath ourselves. We murder animals for our needs regardless of theirs. We have forced men, women and children to serve us with no rights, no dignity and no liberty. We have read from scripture and other sources to confirm our conviction. But what gives us this resolute belief that we are above any other creature, any other man, woman or child?

It is this question that I could not shake while watching the events Solomon Northup painstakingly wrote of his experience of being kidnapped and sold into slavery. That any other man could be less than another purely based upon the colour of his skin. Did these people ask for their ancestors to be ripped from their homeland? The white people of many nations treated these people as though they were unworthy to live in their country but they brought them their in the first place. Uneducated, poorly treated and without prospect; how could man do this to his fellow man? To not see they are the same as him; not inferior, not a lesser being, no different on the inside than they themselves.

I would pray for a better world but I’m not sure there is anyone up there to answer, let alone change the world.

A good piece to read is Know your history: Understanding racism in the US  written by A’Lelia Bundles for Al Jazeera. This piece was written in August 2015 and I must have read it several times since.