In November 2014 I made what should have been a difficult decision; I left university. After an academic break in the Easter, I started re-evaluating my life and what I wanted to achieve. The decision was made upon returning to university in October I would keep an eye on my grades and consider how I felt. During one of the first weeks back I bumped into an old friend who I have known since my early years. She had graduated the previous year and had started a temp job at Keele Uni. This friend offered me a few words of advice; to stay at university as long as I could because the real world wasn’t as good. Thinking about this now I can’t help but be jealous of her love for university life; it would have been so much easier to have stayed on and put off joining the real world for a few years longer!

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank her for the advice and to apologise for not listening.

As I promised myself I re-evaluated my choices when I got my 1st piece of work back with an abysmal mark. I looked at this short appraisal brandished with a mark of sub 60%, thinking of the days spent reading, researching, drafting and re-drafting this 1500 word piece of work and I felt utterly deflated. Getting back in the car I realised university, unfortunately just wasn’t for me (at least not at that moment in time). I was just hiding away at university putting off the inevitable; going out into the real world and finding a job.

This blog was originally intended to detail my journey through unemployment and my first job. However, as you may have already read on my home page life got in the way and this blog was left to gather dust and not be updated until 2016.


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