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"I am bad & that is good. I will never be good & that's not bad. There is no one I would rather be, than me" - Wreck-It Ralph Picture by Ryan Davies - MonoColour Photography Limited @RDaviesLTD

the CV

After leaving university around the start of December 2014, I was off to a slow start. I hadn’t touched the CV I started in the previous the summer, and while I did look at Christmas temp jobs only one looked intriguing “reindeer handler”, unfortunately the position had been filled; who’d have thought it. So that was that, Christmas came and went, and it was New Years eve before I knew it. I hadn’t done anything.

January 1st I took my first pro-active action. I enquired at a local pub. I was asked to wait a few weeks for staff to migrate back to uni so I went back into jobseekers hibernation.

January 22nd I still hadn’t heard from the pub.

As everyones New Years hangovers lifted questions akin to “so what are you doing with yourself?” & “what do you want to do as a career?” started to erupt from my immediate family. I didn’t have an answer. How surprising. I had started getting emails from my dad with lists upon lists of jobs in the area. Unfortunately, I couldn’t apply for any of them because I still hadn’t written my CV. Something in this copious list sparked my interest and so I too started searching, trying to see what I could and wanted to apply for. Still without a completed CV I had about 15 tabs open all with jobs I was interested in, I had reached page 33 of jobs within a 15 mile radius, and started looking at jobs in Manchester and Chester.

Finally, in the week commencing January 13th I brushed the dust off of my “CV” and starred blankly at barely half a page of drivel. I tried ‘playing’ with it to no avail; I was still as stubborn as a mule about pulling my finger out. I had a friend take a look at it on January 17th, having been informed by my dad he’d like to see a draft copy at the weekend, I finally had some idea of where I’d been going wrong. But with The Croods to watch and milkshakes to drink I still did nothing productive.

Sunday 19th January 2014. My dad arrives expecting to read a draft copy of my CV I hand over my laptop and the page displayed showed my qualifications, a job description for Waitrose and 3 bullet points of what I considered to be “key achievements”; I’m sure it wasn’t what he had expected to see. After a quick discussion, I sat down to start again.

January 20th I finally had a real draft that I could let people read without getting (quite so) embarrassed. I sent it to a few trusted friends and of course my Dad. I finally had a CV worthy of being called so; one that I could actually send out to employers!! Unfortunately a lot of the jobs I had found the weeks prior were no longer accepting applications so I started looking again and off went my first 7 job applications…