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"I am bad & that is good. I will never be good & that's not bad. There is no one I would rather be, than me" - Wreck-It Ralph Picture by Ryan Davies - MonoColour Photography Limited @RDaviesLTD

why can’t I write?

I really have been struggling to write recently. It’s almost as though I have vanished. I touched upon it in a previous post, I feel as though my outlet has been compromised and while I want to stay true to myself and speak my mind, I worry that will lead to trouble.

I think another reason I have been struggling to write is that I have nothing to write about. I go to work 5 days a week and it’s the same day-in-day-out. Two nights a week I get to escape to see my chunky boy and then I get him to myself of a weekend. His stable manners have come on leaps and bounds from when I first brought him down to Cardiff. I can cuddle him and he’s learning to trust me all over again. I can touch his, which is a very big deal.

I really need to get up the nerve to tack him up and sit on him, but I’m worried. Worried that his saddle will no longer fit him and it’ll hurt him, worried that I won’t be able to get on him, worried he’ll chuck me off the bridge and down onto the M4 if he spooks on a hack.

This weekend I think I just need to bite the bullet and do it, but I think I’ll need someone there for moral support. But truly I don’t know who I can ask.

“Hey, fancy spending your Saturday morning walking along side me on my horse just in case I fall off?”

We shall see.


regrets & seconds thoughts

Second thoughts, we’ve all had them; times we’ve made a decision (or not) and second guessed ourselves. Times we’ve thought back to a time or place with regret or joy.

Today we learnt who the next president of the United States will be and I wonder if those who cast their vote out of protest against an establishment they feel disenfranchised by, will have second thoughts about their decision. We don’t yet know what this turn of events will mean for not only citizens of the US but the global population as a whole But as the next few days, weeks and months pan out I’m sure intentions will become apparent and The Donald will make his policies known.

I know after the Brexit confirmation there were many Brexiteers who immediately regretted their vote to leave the European Union. Are some Trump supporters feeling the same in wake of the result? Only time will tell.



I was so excited when George had finally been moved down to Cardiff. I was thinking to myself it was going to be just like old times, him following me where ever I go, resting his head on my shoulder not realising just how heavy he was and just genuinely enjoying each others company.

Unfortunately, we are a far way away from that at the moment. I have to keep reminding myself it’s been 18 months since he was in my care and from the state of him when he arrived probably a good year since he was handled and groomed properly. Don’t get me wrong he’s in perfect health, but the amount of dead skin and mud caked under his coat suggested the loving home I thought I’d left him in was not what it seemed.

That first interaction on Wednesday was perfect, he stood calmly eating while I groomed him, when leading him out he was a little nervous of the alpacas but a swift trot past them and he was fine, once in his field he immediately started to eat and he was fine. Bringing him the following Saturday was easy, he had a few moments but went into his stable fine. Come Sunday I had to wrestle him past the alpaca, wrestle him into his stable and trying to groom him while he spun violently around his stable was a nightmare.

The next weekend I couldn’t get to him on the Saturday as I was unwell. I dragged myself out of bed on the Sunday and hoped George would have had enough time to settle. I got him out of his field fine but halfway up the drive he spotted the curly haired little devils and dragged me all the way back to his field (my shoulder is still sore now). After crying in both frustration and pain I put him back in his field having achieved nothing and went home.

He got moved into a new field that evening.

This weekend I forced my boyfriend to come with me on the Saturday, we got George up fine, but he still wasn’t impressed being in his stable. He was still spinning in circles not knowing where to look, although the occasional mint did distract him for a few seconds each time.

Yesterday I thought I was going to get a repeat of the previous Sunday, he started refusing to walk forward once he’d spotted the alpaca but a few calming words and I got him to outside of his stable, he refused to go in. I tied him up outside and brushed away the mud and saw to the bites on his bum. Once the alpacas had moved into view again he proceeded to dance around on the spot and snort at them but soon he realised they weren’t interested and calmed down.

Handling George used to be so easy; I wouldn’t need to hold his lead rope he’d just follow me, I wouldn’t need to walk into his field to get him as he’d be at the gate waiting for me, he’d stand calmly while I groomed him and groom me back; there was an inherent trust between us. I brought him down here with such expectation that I was a little devastated when the reality kicked in the for him that bond was gone.

I’m hopeful we’ll get it back, it’s just going to take some work and patience from me.

finally, he’s here


It’s been stressful getting to this point but I am so relieved he is finally here. There have been nightmares and moments of panic that I am making the wrong decision but I suppose only time will tell. I wish I had taken some pictures of him before getting into the wagon and on the wagon but hindsight is a wonderful thing!

He was a bit of a swine to load to begin with but he went on on his third attempt. The journey was completely uneventful, he was a dream passenger and all my worrying was for nothing! George got to his new home safe and sound around 3pm on Wednesday the 28th of September.

This weekend I have been down to see him twice; unfortunately during our time apart he has lost his stable manners and the alpacas are proving to be a somewhat scary beasty for him. But with time and some TLC he’ll be back to his normal self!

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child


Of course I’m not going to write anything regarding the play here as I will not be the one to reveal the secrets. Suffice it to say it was a great experience and the composition of the play differs quite significantly from the movies. For some this may be a breath of fresh air, for me I’m not quite sure what to take from it but I loved it nonetheless.



My friend and I managed to obtain tickets for the Cursed Child back in June. That morning was a whirlwind; I sat in work with my phone, a laptop and my desktop, refreshing the page to purchase tickets. The second release date (22/06/16) was publicised the day before. Those on the mailing list were invited to join a virtual queue to purchase tickets at 12 noon BST. I joined at 11:50 and already there were thousands of people in the queue.

Seeing twitter alive with elated Potter Fans announcing their success at obtaining tickets and any date I selected I was unable to get through to check out, I was starting to lose hope. Eventually it happened; the random dates I clicked on went through. It felt like I had 5 minutes to rush through my card details to secure these tickets, but it happened. A well done page appeared and my friend and I had secured our opportunity to go and see the Cursed Child in it’s first year on Shaftesbury Avenue.

From there the following months proceeded to fly by. We decided in the weeks running up to the show that we would go all out and also visit the Harry Potter Warner Bros Tour; you can never have too much Harry Potter right?


I’m not sure what was more amazing the play or the tour; the level of detail included in the sets, the amount of work that went into creating each and every scene is simple outstanding. If you ever get the opportunity to do the tour I strongly recommend you do it.

hike to Henrhyd Falls

For weeks I have been wanting to make the hours journey from my home in Cardiff to Waterfall Country in the Vale of Neath. Finally on the 18th of September I got to have a little peak at this magnificent land scape visiting Henrhyd Falls.

I always thought to see such incredible, intact scenery I would have to travel by plane. It just goes to show what you can find on your doorstep through a simple google search!



























A reverse bucket list

I have stolen this idea from another blogger who’s posts always seem to speak to me. The idea is simple – instead of creating a list of things to do, create a list of things or accomplishments you have already done/made.

So here goes…

  1. Aged 11 I learnt to ride a horse; his name was Buttons and he was an adorable little dark bay!
  2. Went to my first concert – it was Snoop Dogg and I was 12 or 13. My brother and parents were also there!
  3. Got my Izzy big dog, unfortunately due to the novelty of camera phones we no longer have any pictures of her as a puppy.Izzy.jpg
  4. Visited the continent of Africa for the first time, I went with a friend and her parents to Egypt. This trip to Egypt contained some other achievements:
    1. Went on a submarine (it was yellow)!
    2. Parasailed for the first time.
    3. Rode a quad bike through the desert!
  5. Learnt to surf, it didn’t go well and I haven’t done it again since.
  6. Attended my first music Festival: Wakestock in Abersoch.
  7. 2009 – visited Cyprus for the first and only time (so far).
  8. I’ve visited Disney World Florida too many times to count and Universal Orlando.
  9. Got over my fear of roller coasters.
  10. Learnt to drive and passed my test first time, aged 17.
  11. 2010 – I got my gorgeous chunky boy, George!george
  12. Visited Disneyland Paris twice, once for my 20th birthday.disney.jpg
  13. Went to University.
  14. Did my first paid modelling job.
  15. Saw Watch the Throne in Manchester.kanye.jpg
  16. Got my first real job.
  17. Moved out of the family home.
  18. Went on my first holiday with my boyfriend; we drove around Europe together in my Brera. We went to Ghent, Antwerp, the Nurburgring, Arnhem, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Bruges all in one week
  19. Moved in with my boyfriend.
  20. My boyfriend and I got our first pet together, our F4 Savannah, Kevin.
  21. Moved away from Cheshire to Peterborough.
  22. Went to New York with my boyfriend to celebrate his 31st birthday.
  23. Then I moved from Peterborough to Cardiff.


The journey continues!

if only Fate played a role

Since reviving my blog I must have applied for around 50 marketing roles (this might be a slight exaggeration) and I’m yet to hear a thing on any of them. I know the deck is stacked against me; there are bound to be candidates applying for these same roles who either have the qualifications, the experience, or both, and for me to get picked before them would be a miracle. But I still can’t help feeling disheartened.

I’m not one for fate, I can’t just tell myself it wasn’t meant to be or when it’s right it’ll happen. I need to do something pro-actively to change my odds. I contacted the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) a few weeks ago regarding their courses and they’ve been analysing my CV to determine which level I should start my studies.

CIM offer 4 levels of study:

  • Level 3: Foundation Certificate in Marketing
  • Level 4: Certificate in Professional Marketing
  • Level 5: Diploma in Professional Marketing
  • Level 6: Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing

Thinking I’d be advised to start on the foundation course I was pleasantly surprised today to learn their suggestion for me was Level 4. The course commences in January and there are multiple ways I can choose to study; virtual, blended or residential. Each has it’s own merits but this will require a little more thought.

The only ‘problem’ is they don’t start until January – but hopefully just being signed up will demonstrate my commitment to the profession and help me get out of this IT mud I’m currently stuck in.

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned previously I never had aspirations of working in IT. In fact I bumped into an old friend recently who when informed of what I was currently doing looked at me quizzically and advised he never had me down as one to have a career in IT. It’s just not the right fit for me, I ended up here more through a series of unfortunate events than a grand plan I had designed throughout my school years.

But things will change. Eventually.

a Brand Plan: Trump

This piece has been written in the mindset of a Trump supporter and does not reflect the opinions of the author.

1.Brand Templates

A brand template demonstrates the features a candidate/campaign perceives itself as having. These are split into four distinct areas to help visualise the ingredients that make up a campaign.

1a.Trump Republican Campaign

Below is a brand template for the Trump Presidential Campaign. There are four areas that make up the campaign and each make up the values our key demographic are searching for.


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Serbia: At the Crossroads of Europe’s Refugee Crisis

Such a well written and moving piece. The refugee crisis is still a very real issue the media has now forgotten about; no longer front page news or a burning topic. Yet people are still being forced from their homes to try and carve out a life somewhere else, but that somewhere is unknown and the journey to get their hazardous. A parent does not board an unseaworthy over crowded vessel in the hopes of a better job, they board it because staying in their own country is accepting certain death. A child should not grow up in a worn torn city, fearing for their own and their families lives.

Countries need to start realising the humanitarian obligations to refugees who have not chosen to leave but have been forced to leave. It’s time we helped.

During WW2 Anne Frank’s father wrote to the Cuban, US & British embassies seeking asylum and we know how that turned out. For once lets try to be on the right side of history and help people while we still can.


Refugee Family in Belgrade Tent City

The refugee crisis in Europe has dominated international news for weeks, and with good reason. Britain’s Guardian newspaper is calling it the worst refugee crisis since WWII.

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