Harry Potter and the Cursed Child


Of course I’m not going to write anything regarding the play here as I will not be the one to reveal the secrets. Suffice it to say it was a great experience and the composition of the play differs quite significantly from the movies. For some this may be a breath of fresh air, for me I’m not quite sure what to take from it but I loved it nonetheless.



My friend and I managed to obtain tickets for the Cursed Child back in June. That morning was a whirlwind; I sat in work with my phone, a laptop and my desktop, refreshing the page to purchase tickets. The second release date (22/06/16) was publicised the day before. Those on the mailing list were invited to join a virtual queue to purchase tickets at 12 noon BST. I joined at 11:50 and already there were thousands of people in the queue.

Seeing twitter alive with elated Potter Fans announcing their success at obtaining tickets and any date I selected I was unable to get through to check out, I was starting to lose hope. Eventually it happened; the random dates I clicked on went through. It felt like I had 5 minutes to rush through my card details to secure these tickets, but it happened. A well done page appeared and my friend and I had secured our opportunity to go and see the Cursed Child in it’s first year on Shaftesbury Avenue.

From there the following months proceeded to fly by. We decided in the weeks running up to the show that we would go all out and also visit the Harry Potter Warner Bros Tour; you can never have too much Harry Potter right?


I’m not sure what was more amazing the play or the tour; the level of detail included in the sets, the amount of work that went into creating each and every scene is simple outstanding. If you ever get the opportunity to do the tour I strongly recommend you do it.

3 thoughts on “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”

    1. Oh thank you! Well when they asked on the tour I cheered for Slytherin but when I did the quiz on Pottermore I got Gryffindor! How about you?

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