a Brand Plan: Trump

This piece has been written in the mindset of a Trump supporter and does not reflect the opinions of the author.

1.Brand Templates

A brand template demonstrates the features a candidate/campaign perceives itself as having. These are split into four distinct areas to help visualise the ingredients that make up a campaign.

1a.Trump Republican Campaign

Below is a brand template for the Trump Presidential Campaign. There are four areas that make up the campaign and each make up the values our key demographic are searching for.


1b.Clinton Democrat Campaign

Below is brand template for Trump’s key demographic views the Clinton campaign. Clinton is trying to play to her strengths; having been in politics for years; being open-minded and pitching her campaign to everyone; knowing how to play the game to her parties advantage; and finally being able to play the female card in the hopes to get more female votes.



2.Brand Pyramids

Brand pyramids evaluate the various levels a campaign operates on and how they make the electorate feel emotionally. It also looks at its values and personality to see where they differ to other campaigns.

2a.Trump Republican Campaign


2b.Clinton Democrat Campaign


3.Brand Mapping

Using the brand pyramids, a companion can be made on a functional level. This can then be plotted on a graph to provide a visual on how the campaigns differ.

3a.Functional Score Sheet


3b.Functional Map


Key Points from Functional Map

The demographic Trump is targeting are fed up with the current political climate, they see politicians as corrupt and out for themselves. As Trump is not a born and bred politician they believe he better represents their opinions and their desires for the country. As we saw in the Marketing Plan the demographic Trump is targeting feel the most put out by immigration in the United States, they’re big defenders of the 2nd Amendment and they see Islam as inciting violence. By Trump playing on these key factors he is sure to attract their votes.

Another comparison can be made on an emotional level:

3c.Emotional Score Sheet


3d.Emotional Map


Key Points from Emotional Map

Trump supporters are fearful of the world and believe the current government is not doing enough to combat terrorism, now they’re trying to introduce common sense gun laws preventing the citizens from being able to defend themselves. Trump supporters may also believe that Hillary Clinton may be more lenient toward the terrorist threat as she’s a woman. The demographic Trump is targeting desire tougher punishment for illegal immigrants and they believe Trump can deliver.

4.Electoral Needs


The above doughnut represents what our demographic expects at different levels. The rings further from the core show what Trump can do to go past our demographics expectations. The expected are what Trump is currently promising during his campaign, the augmented statements are what our demographic believe Trump can do in office. Finally, the potential ring are what our voters are hoping we will achieve when we make it into office.

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