a Marketing Plan: Trump

The below is a Marketing Plan I have created for the Trump Presidential campaign. While some may argue that I am a Brit and this election does not impact me and my country, it is my firm belief that electing this man into office and giving him control over the worlds largest (known) weapons arsenal is a concern for everyone, not just Americans.


  2. PESTEL Summary
  3. SWOT
  4. Objectives
  5. Strategy
  6. Marketing Mix



  • Immigration
    • The current refugee crisis has not only nations in Europe concerned but America too.
    • 50% of white Americans surveyed disapproved of the Government’s pledge to take in more refugees.
  • Mexico Border Control
    • America currently has roughly 11.3 million unauthorised immigrants. Obama is setting the stage to prevent them being deported.
    • 63% of Republicans believe illegal immigrants are a burden on the country by taking jobs, housing and healthcare.
  • Rise of terror attacks in the West
    • This has been incorrectly associated with the refugee crisis. More people are being displaced by the conflict in Syria and the rise of Boko Haram in Niger, Nigeria and Cameroon. Simultaneously ISIS is growing and their influence is seeping ever further into the West; seeing young people leave their homes to join ISIS’ cause.
  • Introduction of ObamaCare
    • Republicans are displeased with ObamaCare; they do not like the way it has been implemented.
    • Belief held by Republicans is that ObamaCare will destroy the economy and it violates the Constitution. ObamaCare has also increased tax in order to fund it.


  • Unemployment – many associate this with immigration; an influx of unskilled workers has driven wages down.
    • This actually has more to with the moral failings by employers taking advantage of vulnerable people.
  • Tax – the Democrats are increasing taxes.
    • Nobody wants to pay more tax.
    • America currently has 7 tax brackets; some believe this wastes valuable time on admin and the American tax system is over complicated.
  • Home ownership has dropped across the US, reaching an all time low.
  • Government spending
    • Trump repeatedly asked at least one foreign policy expert brought in to advise him why the US can’t use nuclear weapons since it’s gone to all the trouble to build them. This might sound like a preposterous question, until we realise that the US is set to spend upwards of $1 trillion over the next 30 years – that’s $1,000,000,000,000 – to “modernise” its nuclear weapons programme.

    • Americans believe the Government is spending too much on foreign aid and the majority of the money given ends up in the hands of corrupt government officials. There is also a belief among Americans that foreign aid doesn’t work.


  • Black Lives Matter movement
    • Attitude of “all lives matter” – people don’t understand what ‘Black Lives Matter’ is about. It’s not about replacing White Supremacy with Black Supremacy. It’s about changing the status quo and addressing a system that has been created to favour white citizens and prevent the betterment of ethnic minorities.
  • Protests and riots have spread across American states due to the systematic police brutality against black citizens. Instances of police brutality are being spread on social media and the outrage is not only being felt in America.


  • Social media – Twitter, Snapchat, Vine, Instagram etc.
    • News is spreading far quicker and instances of stories ‘going viral’ are increasing.
    • Trump had roughly 2.1 million followers on Twitter in 2015.
    • Research has shown the people who consume more news media are generally more civically and politically engaged. Messages on social media sites that are promoted by friends can increase a persons political participation.
    • More of the population now eligible to vote are engaged with social media.


  • Climate change
    • “American right politicians capitalised on these factors: they successfully questioned the science of global warming to recast climate change as something beyond human control, playing into an American public with strong religious beliefs and distressed by the potential costs of action. In short, they successfully organised climate change out of politics by redefining the problem as one without a human cause.”
    • In August 2015 the Obama Administration unveiled stricter environmental regulations aimed at reducing carbon emissions from power plants.
    • Only 27% of Republican supporters believe the Earth is warming due to human activity.
    • 71% of Tea Party Republicans oppose stricter regulations surrounding environmental issues.
    • Only 21% of Republicans view global warming as a serious problem.


  • Second Amendment 
    • Obama is calling for “common-sense” gun safety laws; this has been prompted due to the vast amount of mass shootings across the United States year-on-year.
    • Between January 1st 2013 and June 13th 2016 (that’s 1,260 days) there have been 1,000 mass shootings.
    • In 2014 alone there were 277 mass shootings, 1,606 accidental shootings and 51,828 deaths (these increased to 332, 1,963 & 53,355 respectively in 2015).
    • A poll in 2015 showed 51% of the population opposed a ban on selling semi-automatic weapons, with conservatives more likely to take a candidate’s position on gun control into account when voting.


2.PESTEL Summary

The most important issues for this campaign to focus on to catapult Donald Trump to front-runner as becoming the next President of the United States are going to be the most emotive; the issues that will get the nation talking. The issues people, especially those sympathetic to the Republican cause, will get behind.

  • Immigration – America needs to put the needs of working people first. The influx of unskilled workers into America has driven the wages down and Americans are losing out.
    • P3-1Terrorism – attacks by terrorists on Western countries are increasing; this fact has citizens across the globe concerned for their safety and their way of life.
  • Second Amendment – Trump is running as the Republican nominee. The current Democrat government is looking to introduce ‘common-sense’ gun laws; our key demographic does not agree with the restriction on their rights to bare arms. However, the majority of the American public is witnessing and reacting to the devastation guns can bring in the hands of unstable individuals.
    • Trump will need to walk the line between appeasing Republican voters and gaining the votes of swing voters. The improvement of the mental health system and criminal justice system are what America needs – not stronger gun laws.
  • Build a Wallfortifying the border with Mexico. Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California currently share a border with Mexico. Of these states only two have solid Democratic affiliation and these are the states with the smallest borders. The other two states are either competitive or lean Republican. Surveys completed over the past few years have shown a desire by the American public to build a barrier along the border.
  • ObamaCare – Republicans are mostly dissatisfied with this, not because they don’t agree with affordable healthcare but they do not like the way it has been carried out. By focusing on healthcare reforms, rather than abolishing affordable healthcare all together, Trump can present himself to a larger audience. The bottom line is the runaway costs of ObamaCare need to be stopped.
  • Social Media – more of the electorate is now present on social media and absorb news and current affairs through posts on these platforms. Many political candidates do not utilise multifaceted social media campaigning. Using Twitter is not enough, social media has broadened and its impact is growing.





  • WIN.
    • Set policies the electorate will find compelling.
    • Ensure media coverage is continually high.
    • Maintain a lead in the election polls for known Republican States.
    • Swing more of the competitive states towards a Republican vote.
    • Make America Great Again – 81% of Trump supporter believe America is worse today compared with 50 years ago.
    • Maintain a strong social media presence across all platforms.
    • Don’t be like the competition – express thoughts and fuel feuds on social media; react immediately to breaking news – aim to shock and get the public talking.



  • Policies – what do republicans want?
    • Foreign Policy – protect the American public from the threat of terrorism. Look to make changes the public want; tighter immigration laws; America shouldn’t be going to war to install democratic governance, they should be going to gain the spoils of war; the countries America are protecting should be reimbursing them for the privilege.
    • Second Amendment – ensuring the fundamental right of Americans to own guns. The American Constitution ensures this right cannot be taken away.
    • National Security – a registry of all American Muslims; ID’s for American Muslims; a test for all those looking to live in America to find out if they are sympathetic to American values; build a wall along the border with Mexico and make the Mexicans pay.
    • Immigration – cut back on the levels on immigration; create a requirement to hire American workers first; America needs to control the influx of low-earning workers.

Who is our target demographic? Going through the below statistics we can see our target demographic is typically an older white male, less educated and from a protestant faith background who is either an outspoken Republican supporter or an independent voter.

  • Foreign Policy. Immigration. Terrorism. National Security.
    • P2-1.pngFollowing the terror attacks Paris & San Bernardino public’s concern regarding terrorism has surged. 29% of the public in December 2015 cited terrorism, national security & ISIS as the most important issue facing the US.
    • 83% of Americans now regard ISIS as a major threat to the well-being of the US (up from 67% in Aug-2014)
    • 57% of Republicans believe American Muslims should be subject to more scrutiny than those who are part of other religious groups.
    • Among those 50 and older, a majority (57%) say the government is not doing well enough reducing the terrorist threat (42% say that it is).
    • http://www.people-press.org/2015/09/29/mixed-views-of-initial-u-s-response-to-europes-migrant-crisis/
      • September 2015 – 67% of Republicans disapproved of the Governments pledge to accept more refugees.
      • 50% of whites disapproved.
      • Age groups: 50-64 = 53%; 65+ = 57% disapproved.
      • Religion: Protestant = 54%; White Evangelical = 65%; White Mainline = 53% disapproved.
      • Education: of those with high school education or less 49% disapproved of the governments pledge.
  • Second Amendment
    • 8-12-2015-3-58-16-PM.png47% of Americans in August 2015 expressed it was more important to them to protect the rights of gun owners than to implement stronger controls over gun ownership.
    • % of people who believe the protection of gun rights is more important:
      • white 57%
      • some college education – 51%
      • high school education or less – 50%
      • Republican – 71%
      • independent – 51%
      • rural – 63%
      • have a gun in their household – 68%
    • % of people who believe gun ownership protects them from becoming the victims of crime
      • male – 60%
      • white – 60%
      • some college – 58%
      • high school education or less – 60%
      • Republican – 74%
      • independent – 57%
      • have a gun in their household – 70%

How do we get their attention?

  • Language – strong, simplistic & emotive language. As our typical demographic has lower education standards the use of complex language would be counter productive.
  • Details – Trump supporters will be less concerned with how Trump will get things done and more concerned with what he plans to get done. I.e. they will support Trump building a wall across the border with Mexico
  • Social Media Presence – react to news as it hits – be emotive – get noticed. Get the media talking about Trump and his reactions as well as the breaking news. Maintain a stronger social media presence than the competition. Stand out!
      • Dan Pfeiffer, Obama’s highly-regarded former digital and social media guru, has said Trump is “way better at the internet than anyone else in the GOP which is partly why he is winning.”
    • Having a presence all social media platforms Trump is able to engage with the electorate in ways many politicians can only dream of. He has done his research of the market place and positioned himself perfectly with his target demographic and yet he has also managed to position himself in view of a younger demographic of swing voters.
  • Slogan – Make America Great Again. As we are rallying an older voter this slogan will help speak to their nostalgia regarding how the country was run. The 1980s saw “many Americans [embracing] a new conservatism in social, economic and political life […] characterised by the policies of President Ronald Reagan”.
    • “The populist conservative movement known as the New Right enjoyed unprecedented growth in the late 1970s and early 1980s. It appealed to a diverse assortment of Americans, including evangelical Christians; anti-tax crusaders; advocates of deregulation and smaller markets; advocates of a more powerful American presence abroad; disaffected white liberals; and defenders of an unrestricted free market.”
    • Side note the Make America Great Again slogan was first used by Ronald Reagan.
    • “Once a Hollywood actor, his outwardly reassuring disposition and optimistic style appealed to many Americans.” Reagan was also not seen as a born and bred politician.

How can we control the electorate?

  • Instil fear – fear of Muslims, of the black lives matter movement. The more emotionally overwhelmed the electorate become the less rational they will be.
  • Fear of mass immigration to the US due to the wars their country fuelled
    • Rise of acts of terrorism in the West has seen people conclude an ill-thought out cause and effect. Rather than realising the growth of ISIS has caused more terrorism, they are seeing the rise of terrorism as a result of the influx of refugees.
    • American citizens believe immigration drives wages down, suffocates the job market and opens the borders to criminal activity and even terrorism.
    • Trump’s immigration should be based on three core principles: the U.S. must build a wall across the U.S.-Mexico border, immigration laws must be fully enforced and “any immigration plan must improve jobs, wages and security for all Americans”.


6.Marketing Mix

The 7 Ps

  • Product
    • Our ‘product’ is the policies we plan to enact to Make America Great Again. Our supporters are nostalgic for the way things used to be – racist, simple and Christian.
  • Place
    • People will be able to access our ‘product’ everywhere; on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Vine, Youtube, the news, in the media and via our campaign website. I mean really we should be asking the question where can’t you access our ‘product’. Truly the answer is no where. Our fascist rhetoric will seep into every nook and crannie our modern society has created.
  • Price
    • It’s easy – your soul. Vote for us and we’ll damn your soul for all eternity.
  • People
    • Indoctrination, brainwashing and good old fashion human conditioning; would a Trump Youth club be a step too far?
  • Processes
    • Our process is simple – we want to get people talking. Trump will be loud, obnoxious and unrelenting in his press conferences, with his online presence and with his reactions to breaking news. Trump will be delivering promises the people want him to make; he’ll be insulting the competition in ways his supporters will understand and he’ll create a cast of villains, whether they’re the undocumented immigrants, Muslims, his competition or members of the media, for the audience of his pantomime to jeer and boo accordingly.
  • Promotion
    • Trump will be a promotion machine. He already has 2.1 million twitter followers (this figure was correct in 2015) which will grow as the campaign progresses. As previously mentioned in ‘Place’ the Trump campaign for presidency will be vastly promoted on all current social media sites. Trump will also be present at Party and Presidential debates. Through his outrageous claims and policies Trump will ensure to maintain a higher media presence than any of his rivals. The lunacy of him running in the first place has gotten the media talking and once this campaign gets underway it doesn’t matter if you love him or hate him, you will be talking about him.
  • Physical Evidence
    • Everything will be red, white & blue; we’re Making America Great Again and that includes promoting the colours of our nation’s flag. We also need to ensure that our campaign utilises simplistic language; our target demographic, as previously mentioned, is the under educated lower-middle class white males of Americas ‘bible belt’.
  • Budget – Trump will have a modest amount in campaign cash, due his ability to self promote and his first class ability to obtain media attention he won’t need to spend a lot on advertising. In the course of this campaign we will amount more free media than we will buy. Trump’s outrageous outbursts and wild demeanour will win him the same if not more news coverage than all other candidates combined; the mere fact he is a reality TV show star running for president will get the media’s attention and once he opens his mouth the media won’t be able to look away.

So why the tremendously lopsided imbalance? Perhaps Trump himself explained it best, nine years ago [in 2007]:

    “One thing I’ve learned about the press is they’re always hungry for a good story, and the more sensational the better. […] if you are a little different, or a little outrageous […] if you do things that are bold or controversial, the press is going to write about you.”


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